Semeur de Vie depuis 1999 !

Semences potagères et aromatiques Bios, libres de droit et reproductibles (non-hybrides F1 et non-OGM)


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Journées Internationales de la Semence les 1, 2, 3 et 4 Mai au Mas d'Azil en Ariège

Who Are We?

Association Kokopelli was created in 1998 and succeeded Terre de Semences and Jardin Botanique de la Mhotte – which were created respectively in 1994 and 1992 by Dominique and Sofy Guillet. Thus, it has been 20 years, in service of Mother Earth, of protection of food biodiversity and production of organic seeds of Life. Kokopelli offers to the gardeners a live collection of more than 2200 varieties of organic heirloom seeds which is the most extensive in the world (not in the freezers but in the gardens and in the fields!). It has been also 20 years of struggle against the seed mafia of the transnationals - which control the beginning of the food chain (5 transnational controls 75% of the vegetable seed supply!) and which poison the biosphere – including the last 6 years in court trials in France, and recently in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, to struggle for survival and to struggle for the right to distribute heirloom varieties which are not registered in the fraudulous « national list » of the French government.

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